Jan. 18th, 2008

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It's... it's been over a year since I've updated my journal? Seriously? How... how did that happen? Seriously, how has it been over a year? That really weirds me out, because it sure doesn't feel like it. It really doesn't feel possible.

A lot has happened in the past year I guess, and at the same time, not much has happened. Obviously, there's the writer' strike, which has, how do the French say it, "sucked". And even though the strike itself has only been active for about two months now, it's really been boning me for much, much longer, it seems. Since everyone has known it's been coming for a long time, everyone has been scrambling for any work, and writers who are normally above me on the writer food chain have been taking jobs I'd normally be up for, leaving me with nothing. So, it's been a lean year on that front.

I've been making some side money doing video editing, a skill I've been teaching myself for the past few years. I've had some fun jobs (editing music videos and concerts for http://www.powerchordacademy.com/), and some mind-numbingly dull jobs (editing an hour and a half high school reunion dvd, anyone?), and some that was just work. It's slowed down now, but hopefully will pick up again soon.

But the big news is I've started a company with some friends. We're producing short content, meant for the web or streaming cell phone, etc. It's shaping up to be a big market, and I think for a change, we got a nice jump on the wave early on. We saw this market emerging, and started things rolling about a year ago. So we've spent the summer/fall creating 15 short horror/thriller films. We're finishing up post on them now, and one of our members is actually up at Sundance right now selling us. He had his first meeting this morning, and it sounds like the person was blown away by what we'd done on such limited budgets. The reaction to our shorts so far has been very very positive... so hopefully this will be my future.

Emotionally I've been in kind of a weird state. I think I'm kind of over with the whole "Yay, I've got lots of money! Wait, now I'm completely broke for the next several months. Hey, I've got lots of money again! Oh wait, now I'm broke again..." cycle. That's part of what the idea behind the company is, to become our own bosses, get out of the freelance game. But I think it's really had a toll on me, emotionally. I think I might start to see a therapist. For that and other things.

I got a really nice email from my younger brother last night, a really emotional, nice email. You have to know my family to know how out of the blue this is... we don't communicate very well, and we're not particularly good at expressing emotion. The email made me cry. In a good way and in a regretful way, but mostly in a good way. I wrote him an email back, that also made me cry. Again, in a mostly good way.


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