Feb. 1st, 2008

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Just booked an editing job. Things were starting to get pretty scary there... our own company is still forming and not bringing in any cash flow yet (yet!), so I'm still relying on day jobs, which have been few and far between. Obviously, no writing jobs as of late (Pens down means pens down!), so I've been bringing home the bacon through the video editing, but even those have been scarce these past few months.

Anyway, it's only a week's work, but the pay isn't too terrible, and they dangled the 'possible more work' carrot in front of me. It also sounds like it's going to be incredibly boring, tedious, and uncreative (even more so than the 90 minute high school reunion video I had to edit a few months back). But it is paying work, and as long as the check clears, hell, I'd edit a snuff film at this point.

So that's good.

Oh. There's this retirement home I drive by occasionally, called "Sunrise Assisted Living", or something very close to that. Something must have changed in management or owners, because I noticed last time I drove by it, they'd covered up (very unprofessionally, like with big strips of masking tape) the second word in the name. So now it's "Sunrise Assisted Living". I'm just picturing the residents living there, watching that word being crossed out. How depressing.


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