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I've been yelled (YELLED!) at by a few different people for not updating my journal, ever. So, I am updating. A very brief updating, but updating nonetheless. Not updating just because people yelled (YELLED!) at me; I've been meaning to update forever, but a combination of busyness and sheer laziness has gotten in the way. But here I am. Hi.

So, erm, what to write about? Work is keeping me busy. Essentially working on three different projects at once. Of course, I'm only actually getting paid for one of them at the moment, but hopefully that'll change.

My father retires next week, which makes me feel kinda strange. Of course, he's been at his job for longer than I've been alive, so he's certainly earned the right.

I had to get a new cell phone, as the ol' Blackberry died. I went with the the Tmobile MDA, and I'm very happy with it so far. It's a little bigger than I'd like, but it does so much, it makes a gadget whore like me very happy.

Oh, and I'm going to Italy in less than a week. Kinda sorta excited about that, as you can imagine. I promise to update from there, with pictures.
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Call me a pervert (no wait, she's 21! I'm not a pervert!) but I have a bit of a crush on Sasha Cohen. But definitely not on Sacha Cohen. Oh, what a difference that 'c' makes...
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Friends I'm excited for/proud of: If you've been watching the Olympics at all, you've no doubt seen the commercial they're playing the shit out of, the one where the three annoying guys go to the Olympics and paint themselves in the US colors. One of them falls into a frozen lake, then it turns into a Weekend At Bernies pastiche. The Frozen Guy is my friend Paul. Yeah, it's not the greatest commercial of all time, but yay, residuals!

Also, for the first time, I personally know someone who's been nominated for an Academy Award. Hughes, a great editor and really a wonderful person, was nominated for editing Crash. I'm seriously proud and happy for him; couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
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Hi! I'm still alive. I'm not sure why I've been so extraordinarily lazy in updating my journal lately, but I have. I've been keeping up with my friends list, just not updating my own.

Lessee... Work is okay. It looked like we had a writing/directing gig, adapting an indie comic book into a film. The comic book in question was called Trailer Park of Terror, a horror anthology with a white trash bent. We did a lot of work on it, and had a lot of fun; it was going to be good, campy horror/comedy fun, and I think we're about due for another horror anthology film. Unfortunately, it looks like it's not going to happen, at least not in that form. We knew it was going to be a low budget project, and we'd already discussed with the producer that we were willing to cut our rate quite a bit to do it, as long as we got a nice piece of the back end, etc. When he finally submitted an offer, it was unacceptable. Not the money; we'd already agreed to a price, but the rest of the contract. Things like, he wanted us to return the money if the film didn't end up getting made. Writers don't pay for development. We'd also agreed to write the script essentially on spec while he raised the money; meaning, we wouldn't expect money up front before we started writing. But then he decided he didn't want to pay us when we turned in the script, but 45 days afterwards. The deal was just getting uglier and uglier; the contract he offered us was, frankly, insulting. And I'm not easily insulted! So, we've pretty much walked away. Since very little of what we actually came up with is directly from the comic book, we very well may still write the script on our own, with some tweaks to make it truly our own. We'll see.

Meanwhile, we're still working on that haunted apartment film. That one still has a decent shot of going.

Bad appliance day yesterday. Both my coffee grinder and my iPod decided it was a good day to up and die. Tried all the resets/restores on the iPod, but nothing was working. Took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, but they gave me the bad news; it would need to be sent in for repairs, and since it was out of warranty (I've had it for quite some time), it would cost a fortune to fix. So, I took advantage of their recycle program, and got a discount on a brand new ipod, one of the video ones. It's nice to have, but I wasn't really happy about spending that much money. And, I also had to buy a new coffee grinder. But if there are two things I can't live without, it's coffee and my iPod.

Getting excited about the trip to Italy. 3 months to go.
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Is this a joke? Did the people who write The Onion hack into the cnn.com site and insert this story? Please, tell me this isn't for real. No, wait. Please let it be real. It's even funnier to think it's real.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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Say what you will about this crappy film. But I just got a check in the mail from the WGA, paying me residuals for foreign copyright royalties for it. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm taking this check for $29.09 and laughing all the way to the bank.
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For several years after I moved to LA, I worked on film sets as a production assistant and art department guy. There was one low-budget company I worked for a number of times, Crystal Sky. They did crappy films, and paid next to nothing. It was run by a family, and some members of the family were great people, and other members were scum. I would never want to work for them again, but, to be fair, they gave Drew and I our first break as payed screenwriters. Granted, we had to camp out in their reception room to demand our checks for said gig after it took way too long for them to get it to us, but still.

Anyway, point of this entry, other than a trip down memory lane... as I worked for them on a number of occasions, I got to know the owners and their family reasonably well. There was a young girl in the family, a niece of one of the owners, I believe, who was around all the time. This girl had a bit of a crush on me, and would follow me around the office, asking me questions, and constantly asking me if I had a girlfriend. She was a little annoying in her persistence sometimes (but not too bad really, I didn't mind her), overweight, and kinda homely. Mostly, I felt kinda sorry for her. Oh, and she was also around 8 or 9.

So, I was doing some searches on some of the films I worked on during that era, and happened to stumble on a link to her imdb page; apparently she's become an actress. And let's just say, she's no longer 8, overweight, or homely. Okay, still way too young for me, of course, but... yowza.
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Do you suppose that the attractive young woman working at Starbucks thinks me less of a man because I ordered a gingerbread latte? And, AM I less of a man because I ordered a gingerbread latte?

These are the questions.
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Azure has made it to Los Angeles successfully. It was really great to see her again. I saw her new apartment; it's a cute little place, and I like her roommate already, but it's not in the greatest part of town. I don't feel like she's not going to be incredibly safe there. She'd asked me about the area when she was thinking of taking it (she found the roommate and the place before she moved here, through myspace), and I gave her my opinion and warning, but she decided to go with it anyway. Oh well, only so much I can do. In any case, it's definitely great to have her here.

In other news, the kid from The O.C. is following me around. First, he was sitting across from us while I was having a late dinner with [livejournal.com profile] huskerdude1 and [livejournal.com profile] pricciar at Canter's a few weeks back, and there he was again, sitting behind me, when Azure and I were having lunch at Real Food Daily. What do you suppose he wants from me?

I finally got to see my friend Molly's commercial yesterday. I guess it's been playing constantly (or something close to it), and everyone else I know has seen it repeatedly, except for me. It's for Nexium, "the purple pill". It's the one where the red-headed chick is talking about how she's "a problem solver", and she's not going to let a little acid reflux get in her way. The red-headed chick is Molly. It's her first commercial, and it's a pretty big national one. I'm very proud of her. Go, Molly!
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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. Hell, it can be made up if our real memories are boring or non-existant. C'mon, it'll be fun, or not, depending.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your LJ and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you. Or don't. Whatever. I'm easy to get along with.
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I voted yesterday, and am pretty happy with the results. Yay.

The day before election day, I got a mailing from Assemblyman Paul Koretz and the Democratic Party, urging me to vote the way I was going to vote anyway. Inside the oversized envelope was a gift. It even said on the outside of the envelope, "Free gift enclosed!". I feel like I've been bribed! I feel so important.

Even stranger, though, is what the gift was: an oven mitt. Perhaps there are campaign bribery reform laws that specifically allows oven mitts. I can't think of any other reason why they'd mail me an oven mitt.
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I did end up playing in the poker tournament last night. I suppose I can't be TOO unhappy with the results. Although I didn't win any money, I lasted several hours and finished around 60th of an initial 378 players. Still, I was very unhappy with how I played. Terribly tight-weak. Exactly how I didn't want to play. It was my first live tournament, and I was pretty nervous, which I'm sure is much of the reason for my non-aggressivness. Also, I was getting crap cards all night. Still, I had some opportunities to make some moves, and I didn't take advantage of most of them. I will do better next time.

You ever have someone you only know from livejournal show up in one of your dreams? I had a dream last night where several friends and I were in a bar, planning out a road trip to Oregon, for some reason. No idea why we were going to Oregon, but it seemed like a great idea in the dream. Anyway, suddenly I looked up and noticed that on the television in the bar, the news was on, and they were doing a story on [livejournal.com profile] xjetgirlx. They were talking about her artwork, and how she was the hot new artist of the moment. I got to tell my friends that I kinda knew her, and they were all suitably impressed. So, [livejournal.com profile] xjetgirlx, you're world famous in my dreams!
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Ah, lazy Sunday afternoons, how I love you.

The rewrite on the script is coming along slowly. We got virtually nothing done this past week. For some reason, we're having trouble getting the motivation up. I hope that isn't a reflection on how we feel about the script, but I don't think it is. I think it's just plain laziness. Hopefully, though, we'll finish this week, or at least most of it.

I had my biggest single poker win the other night. I played in a multi-table, $12 entry tournament. It started with 175 players, and I won! I was very happy with the way I played. Sometimes I lose focus, especially in the longer tournaments (I think mostly because they're online, and it's so easy to turn away or flip to a webpage when you're not in a hand), but I really kept it going for this one. I had some lucky breaks, but that's always a factor in tourneys. I played well enough to get to those lucky breaks. It felt especially good, since that morning, I'd played in another tournament, and played like crap, making many mistakes.

I'm thinking about taking the plunge and playing in my first live tournament today. They're holding a series of tournaments at the Commerce Casino, with relatively affordable buy-ins. The only thing is, I have no idea how early I have to get there to register. The tournament starts at 7, but I'm sure it'll max out well before start time. And I don't want to get there TOO early, since it's a bit of a drive, and there's nothing else to do in that area. Oh well, maybe I'll just get there at around 4 or 5, and if I'm too late, I'll just play in a ring game for a while, and I'll know for next time. The tournaments are going on for the next two weeks.

ETA: Okay, I just did the smart thing and called the casino up. Registration doesn't even open until 5. This is a good thing.
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I'm going to the premier of this film tonight. My friend Chuck was the cinematographer on it. It doesn't look like that great of a film, but you never know. I will not pre-judge it.
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I went camping this weekend, with the guys, at the same beach campground in Malibu we went to last time. Sitting around a fire on the beach with friends, drinking beer, and shooting the shit, Halloween weekend... it's enough to make you feel like you're in a bad 80s horror film. Thankfully, none of us were slaughtered (perhaps only because there were no women there, so no sex for us straight guys), and we had a great time. The drunk older guy from the campsite next to ours kept stumbling over and joining in our conversations. It might have been annoying, but it added a little color.

I like camping. We never went growing up (my parents, especially my mother, were decidedly not campers), so I didn't get to experience it until I moved out here. Plus, it's an excuse to purchase gear. I like stuff.

Last night, I went out with Drew and Mare and Abigail to share in Abigail's first trick-or-treating experience. She was dressed as Snow White, and was so cute she was making people's heads explode from the overwhelming cute-ness. She was terrified at first, but when she realized that every house was giving her candy, she quickly got into the spirit and loved it. It was nice to see the streets filling up with kids again on Halloween night. For a long time here, we didn't get many trick-or-treaters. It looks like people are starting to go out again.
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I had an odd dream last night. Actually, the dream itself was only slightly odd; it was my immediate reaction upon waking up that has me wondering.

In the dream, I was talking to some guy. No idea who he was. He asked me why my parents named me David. Instead of telling him the truth, that they just liked the name, I thought it would be funny to tell him this elaborate, made-up story. I told him that when I was born, my parents lived in Oakland, and my father was an A's fanatic. Just as my mother went into labor, my father had just finished watching an A's game in which Vida Blue pitched an amazing game, and caught up in the moment, wanted to name me "Vida". My mother refused, but they compromised on "David", the "vid" part coming from "Vida".

None of this is remotely true, of course. My parents never lived in Oakland, and my father was never an A's fan (and, consulting my trusty Baseball Encyclopedia, I see that, while Blue was in fact with the A's in 1970, he only pitched 2 games that year, and didn't become a star until the following year). But the guy I was telling the story to got very excited, and thought this was the greatest thing he'd ever heard. Very enthusiastic. He couldn't wait to tell his friends, for some reason. I then confessed to him that I'd made it up, that none of it was true. And it crushed him. He was devastated that it wasn't true. And I felt terrible for having lied to him. Like, I was on the verge of tears I felt so bad.

So, I woke up right afterwards, still feeling really, really terrible about lying to this guy. I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me? That lying is bad? That I shouldn't tell jokes? Fuck you, subconscious! If I wanna make up stories about Vida Blue, I'm going to.
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My apartment is smelling great these days.

That's a very strange way to start off an entry, isn't it? And am I implying that my apartment smelled like dog shit prior to "these days"? No, it's just a way to mention my new toy: a home coffee roaster. Even though I haven't homebrewed beer in years, I still get the catalog from the homebrew supply place I used to use. And they now carry coffee roasting equipment, and raw, unroasted green coffee beans. It sounded interesting to me, and wasn't all that terribly expensive, so I thought I'd give it a try. The package came over the weekend (actually, it came last week, with a broken part, but the replacement arrived over the weekend). The kit I got came with the roaster itself, and 3 2-pound bags of unroasted beans of different varieties.

I've made two batches so far. I think I'm still under-roasting them a bit; I'll have to notch up the time a hair for the next batch. But, I gotta say, even a tad under-roasted, it's tasting amazing. Freshly roasted coffee is a beautiful thing. And the unroasted beans cost about 50% less than decent store-bought roasted coffee, so it won't be long before the whole thing has paid for itself, considering how much coffee I go through.

Oh, and my apartment smells great. Have I mentioned that yet?
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I was supposed to go get my brakes checked out today. But it's pouring and lighting and thundering. I can't decide if that's a valid reason to NOT go. But for some reason, it feels like it is.

And what the hell is it doing thundering and lightning, here in So. Cal.? And pouring in October? It just ain't right.
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Hmmm. I don't seem to own an umbrella...
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I'm here in Baltimore, visiting the family. As always, I'm eating much better here than I do back home. Steak for dinner. Yummy.

One of my parents neighbors has a wireless connection. Yay, for them not password protecting it!

Flight in was fine. This is the second time I've flown into Baltimore where, upon landing, we were informed that we were to remain seated while the police came aboard and took a passenger into custody. Some sort of altercation with the flight attendants. People are stupid. This time, however, was much less scary than the first time it happened, as this time, I wasn't even aware there was anything going on until we landed and they made the announcement. Last time, it was mid-air, large passenger going full-on crazy, physically fighting with the attendants, throwing one of them across a few seats, and finally having to be restrained by the attendants and several passengers. Scary stuff, when you're helpless and mid-air.

Weather is nice. It's nice to be here and not have it be February and all snowy and icy.

I've decided I like the song "Eve of Destruction", if for no other reason then the fact that, in my opinion, not enough songs rhyme the words "contemplatin’" and "coagulatin'". In fact, not enough songs use the word "coagulatin'", period.

And that's all I have to say for the moment. More details as events warrant.
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