Nov. 29th, 2006

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Hello. I'm still alive.

Lessee... Thanksgiving remains my favorite day of the year. Tons of great food and all my closest friends in one place, what more could I ask for? There were 32 of us this year, including children. If we keep growing, we're gonna have to start renting out a banquet hall.

There are rats in my apartment. They were invited in, though, so it's okay. Drew and Mare bought them as pets for Abby, but it turns out D&M are allergic to them, so they had to get rid of them. I was happy to take them, as I've been wanting an easy-to-take-care-of pet. They're actually really great pets; very cute and friendly, and supposedly they're very smart, although I notice they still haven't gotten jobs. I do need to rename them, though... right now, they were named by a 3 year-old. I'm open to suggestions.

Between stupid American laws and my Windows machine going kaput, my online poker source of income has come to a close for the time being. I need to fix that soon...

FINALLY finishing up that short film we made 2 years ago. We've been plagued by sound problems, but we're all finally in a position to have the time/resources to get it fixed. We did ADR a few weeks ago for one of the characters, and we'll get the other one done next week. Yay, for not abandoning projects.

I added another slash to my job description... I'm now writer/director/actor. Wooo.


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